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The (Book) Saga Continues

Many products have a binary nature, but a book stands among the most binary because it is nothing at all, right up until it transforms on (digital) gossamer wings into something.  Will it sell?  Is the writing quality noteworthy?  Do the characters hold the reader’s attention?  All this will be decided another day because once published, the book is, for the first time, beyond the author’s control.  Discourse is unflaggingly impartial at its core.

Start to finish, Volume II of World’s Enough Cycle took me 15 months to complete.  There were long, painful stretches adding to the delay–a nasty bout with writer’s block, a cross-country move, an illness in my editor’s immediate family–but the fault of pacing, if there is one, lies entirely with me.

Truth is, I am not a speedy writer.  I target one thousand self-edited words a day, but struggle to consistently attain this threshold (one day is simple; a month is very challenging; three months straight is beyond my ken).  None of this matters today, however, as the official release of a novel fills one’s chest with thumping pride.

So, as I beat my overweening chest and leap unbathed about the house scaring the kitties, I present to you Dead Men Say No Prayers, Volume II of my ongoing fantasy series World’s Enough Cycle.  Follow Aedric Storm, Jessica Tallianos, and all the rest as they continue to lie, cheat, and terrify their way across Pheronia.  Available in your favorite ebook formats from and (apologies to all the Luddite paperphiles).



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