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Technically, I only have one fantasy series.  But I am proud of it.  Volume III of the series is being penned as you read this.

Dead Men Tell No Lies (World’s Enough Cycle, Vol. I):


The super official book description:

Volume one of this bawdy and bloodthirsty epic finds the swashbuckling Canter an unwitting gladiator in Teshgate’s ceremonial games. But any claim to the lucrative prize disappears when a terrifying force splits the sky, slaughtering thousands. Castaway in the barbarous hinterlands of the Shanshalim peninsula, Canter’s only chance at survival is to lead Teshgate’s miserable refugees out of the desert. Meanwhile, a half world away, the renowned Silversword priestess Jessica Tallianos uncovers treacherous heresy within the ranks of her temple. As is her sworn duty, she risks everything to purge those who threaten the Eternal Lady’s supremacy across Pheronia. However, neither Canter nor Jessica realize their fortunes and fates are intertwined and held in precarious balance, for war looms on the horizon.


Does everyone in your extended family have copies?  No?! Why do you make them suffer?  Surprise them today with a copy (or two) from your favorite online retailers:


Dead Men Say No Prayers (World’s Enough Cycle, Vol. II):











The extra super official book description:

As volume two opens, martial law has closed the port of Vormay and Captain Aedric Storm, a man hunted for murder, watches as constables and militia soldiers rampage across the city-state. His gambit to secure war profiteering contracts is lost, as are his companions who shared the terrible secret of Teshgate and the world to come. But the captain has found a surprising new ally in the towering form of Silversword priestess Jessica Tallianos, whom he rescued from certain death. Now Aedric must find means to persuade the volatile Strikeleader that their causes are aligned and that she should parlay on their behalf. Jessica’s providence supersedes the petty concerns of pirates and rovers, however, and the Strikeleader stands at the center of the flames of religious conflict that continue to lick the skies. Though her order is hopelessly outnumbered, she does not yet know Aedric’s sloop carries a relic of immense and deadly power that, in the right hands, could reshape the outcome of all of Pheronia.


Since you just bought Volume I, make sure to buy Volume II!  Don’t leave anyone hanging needlessly on the cliff….


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